Bì-Balm Pain Relief Balm

Bì-Balm (pronounced "bee") is a topical formula used to soothe sore joints and muscles. In Chinese Medicine "Bì" refers to pain or blockage within the body. Bì-Balm combines Chinese medicinals & CBD to provide optimal results that ease discomfort in painful joints and sore muscles. Reduce inflammation (clear heat) and soothe pain (move Qi) with an effective and great smelling topical.

At the AOMS office, Amy often uses Bì-Balm as it compliments many of the treatments carried out at her acupuncture clinic in Sturbridge, MA. This topical helps to enhance the benefits of treatment with the added benefit of smelling delicious. 
Clients rave about Bì-Balm and Eastern Integrations other CBD products:
"It's been about a week now [taking EI CBD Tincture] and I am still pain-free. I still take my Medications and see pain management but what a great feeling after being a prisoner of this pain for over 3 years to finally be able to live a normal life again. I have even been able to start exercising again and with the sore muscles from that I just rub some of the Bi-Balm on twice a day and I'm good to go. So stop suffering and give Eastern Integrations a call or order online and start enjoying your life again. "
- Ronald Young