Our Ingredients

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Our signature Chinese Herbal ingredients/flavors:  All of our granular and herbal oils are sourced from high-quality world-class distributors and manufacturers dedicated to producing the highest quality Chinese Herbal medicinals available.


Chen Pi:  Sweet Orange 
Organs:  Lung, Spleen, Stomach
Found in:  All Tinctures, CBD Lip Balm
Gui Zhi:  Cinnamon 
Function: Warms the channels to help ease blockage and improve blood flow
Organs: Heart, Lung, Bladder/ Kidney
Found in:  All tincturesCBD Lip Balm
Bo He: Mint
Function: Harmonizes liver stagnation thus easing tension; dispels “wind heat,” clearing heat symptoms of the eyes, throat and head in the treatment of disorders such as red eye, sore throat, headache and rash.
Organs: Lung, Liver
Found In:  Calm Motion: A Relaxing Blend Granules & CapsulesBi-Balm, CBD Lip Balm 


Full Spectrum Hemp derived Cannabidiol:  CBD 
All tinctures, Adapt Capsules 
CBD Isolate: Bi-Balm topical pain balm
Jian Huang: Turmeric “Yellow Ginger” 
Function: Helps to reduce inflammation and balances the movement of qi and blood in the abdomen 
Organs: Spleen, Liver
Found inBalance Tincture
Wu Wei Zi: Schizandra Fruit “Five Flavored Seed” 
Function: An Adaptogenic herb in Chinese Medicine.  May be able to help regulate and increase the body's  ability to deal better with stress. Traditionally used to quiet and calm to support improved sleep
Organs:  Heart, Kidney, Lungs 
Found in: Yin tincture 
Huang Qi: Astragalus Root  
Function:  Helpful for fatigue, reduced appetite, and prolapse disorders, as it strengthens “Spleen QI and Yang” according to TCM.  An extremely popular herb used to fortify “Wei QI or protective Qi,” strengthening the lungs to reduce frequent colds, shortness of breath and spontaneous sweating from weak Lung Qi. 
Organs: Spleen, Lung
Found in:  Stabilize+: An Immunity Blend Granules & Stabilize: An Immunity Blend Capsules, Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules 
Dang Gui: Angelica Root
Function: Translated to mean “ state of return”.  Dang Gui tonifies blood, aiding in regulation of the cycle along with aiding blood deficiency symptoms such as fatigue, pale complexion, dizziness, blurred vision and palpitations.
Also works to harmonize the blood, disperses cold, and can help alleviate pain.  
Organs: Heart, Liver, Spleen
Found in: Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules, Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules, Bi-Balm topical pain balm
Fu Ling/Fu Shen:  White Poria Mushroom and Poria Mushroom root cover
Function:  Helps strengthen digestive function by strengthening the ‘Spleen Qi”, which helps to rid the body of dampness and to transform “phlegm” which causes swelling, palpitations, and disrupted digestion. Also good for quieting the spirit and supporting the ‘heart’ energy, and may aid in sleep (especially Fu Shen).
Organs: Heart, Spleen, Lung
Found in: Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules (Fu Shen), Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules,(Fu Ling)
Gan Cao: Licorice Root known as the “sweet herb” 
Function: Used in most Chinese herbal formulas for its harmonizing ability.  A “Qi Tonic,” this herb is used to moderate spasms in the legs and abdomen, relieving pain and aiding digestion.  
Organs: All 12 channels, primarily Heart, Lung, Spleen and Stomach
Found In: Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules, Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules, Bi-Balm topical pain balm
Bai Zhu: White Atractylodes Rhizome 
Function: A Qi tonic assisting fatigue, lack of appetite, poor digestion and day time sweating.  It also helps to dry “dampness” that can accumulate from spleen weakness leading to joint pain, weight gain, diarrhea and edema.  
Organs: Spleen, Stomach
Found In: Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules, Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules
Bai Shao: White Peony Root
Function:  A Blood tonifying herb that calms the “Liver Yang” that may lead to symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and spasms/cramps. Also aids with excess sweating and night sweats.  A very common herb for women’s health, as it tonifies the blood and regulates menstruation.  
Organs: Liver, Spleen
Found In: Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules
Yuan Zhi : Chinese Senega root
Function:   Known as a “heart nourishing” and “spirit calming” herb,  addressing insomnia, palpitations from anxiety, and restlessness due to pent up emotions. Translated as “profound will or return to will,” traditionally this herb is said to aid in letting go of old emotions. Rids “phlegm of the Heart” to help balance emotional disorders and rids “phlegm of the Lungs” to help with stubborn wet coughs.  
Organs: Heart, Lung
Found In: Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules
Ban Zhi Lian:  Skullcap, scutellaria “half-branched lotus” 
Function: Clears heat, resolves swelling, removes pain-causing blockage, and promotes healing. 
Organs: Large Intestine, Liver, Lung, Stomach
Found in: Bi-Balm topical pain balm
Chai Hu  : Bupleurum Root
Function: Spreads “Liver stagnation” and relieves constraint-causing symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, chest discomfort, emotional instability and menstrual problems. 
An herb known in TCM to release exterior pathogens causing irritability, vomiting and bitter taste. Aids in lifting the spleen qi, which helps with hemorrhoids and uterine prolapse.
Organs: Gallbladder, Liver, Pericardium, Triple Burner 
Found In:  Calm Motion:  Granules & Capsules
Long Yan Rou : Longan fruit flesh “dragon eye flesh” 
Function:  Helpful for issues related to overthinking and worry. As “blood tonic of the Heart and Spleen,” it is used for insomnia, palpitations, poor memory and dizziness, as well as anxiety from drained Qi and Blood. 
Organs: Heart, Spleen
Found In:  Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules
Fang Feng : Ledebouriella Root, Siler  “Guard Against Wind” 
Function: Expels and releases “Wind” and “Wind-Dampness” for symptoms related to contracting “wind cold,” which causes common cold symptoms such as headache, chills, and body aches.  Reduces pain in joints made worse with exposure to the elements. 
Organs: Bladder, Liver, Spleen
Found In:  Stabilize+: An Immunity Blend Granules & Stabilize: An Immunity Blend Capsules
Sheng Jiang: Ginger Rhizome
Function:  Aids the body when fighting against “exterior cold,” aiding the protective energies and helping with stiffness of the neck and headache as a result.  Warms the middle to help with nausea and vomiting, and detoxifies. 
Organs: Lung, Spleen, Stomach 
Found In:  Calm Motion:  Granules & CapsulesBi-Balm topical pain balm
Mu Xiang : Costus Root “Wood Fragrance” 
Function: Regulates Qi and alleviates pain in the abdomen and epigastric region, helping with nausea, distension and soreness.  
Organs: Gallbladder, Large Intestine, Spleen, Stomach
Found In:  Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules
Suan Zao Ren: Jujube fruit/seed 
Function: Nourishes “Heart Yin and Liver Blood”.  Classically used as a support to treat irritability, insomnia and anxiety.   Helpful for sweating disorders such as spontaneous sweating and night sweats. 
Organs: Heart, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder 
Found In: Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules
Ren Shen: Ginseng Root “Man Root” 
Function: An Adaptogenic herb in Chinese Medicine.  May be able to help regulate and increase the body's ability to deal better with stress.  “Tonifies Qi” (strengthens energy) , “Benefits  the heart and Calms the Qi” ( supports anxiousness, lack of focus and restlessness)
Organs: Spleen, Lung, Heart
Found In:  Yang TinctureReplenish Calm Granules & Capsules
Da Zao: Chinese Date, Jujube
Function: Tonifies the blood and calms the spirit, settling emotional restlessness. Strengthens the Qi, aiding in weakness, fatigue, poor appetite and loose stools.  Moderates and harmonizes the effects of other herbs. 
Organs:  Spleen, Stomach
Found In:  Replenish Calm Granules & Capsules